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    Decoration of your wedding car

    For the decoration of your bridal car many carefully selected products of excellent quality and at an affordable price are available in our online shop. What bride and groom want to do without its romantic wedding cruise on a festive, beautifully crafted decoration of the wedding car? With little effort you can quickly achieve the desired effect: it was with the pretty ribbons processed handle for the door handles of your wedding cars, with special decorative flowers or a romantic number plate for the wedding with wording such as "Just Married".

    Wedding car decor - what can be easier?

    How to give your oldie, a stretch limo, an Excalibur or a caddy an extra festive touch? It is very simple: combine a few of our flowers (e.g.: white, cream or purplewith the bloomy handle loops made from the finest organza for the door handles. To decorate the bonnet and roof of the car find a wide variety of high-quality satin and organza ribbons in more than 50 colors and 5 widths in the category Ribbons- everything at very reasonable prices!

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